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October 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

for this task i was asked to use the university library to find various different sources all relating to a starting piece of text, so the starting text was an essay, Branding the post-feminist self:girls video production and YouTube, i then look at a piece of the text i found interesting and found the referencing for it at the back, i then looked it up into the library system and found the book;

youth, identity and digital media by David Buckingham– however this book was in but in the same ares i came across a book called

news as a form of knowledge in society by Robert Park– I then briefly read thought the book and came across a chapter about different models of communicating within society, and at the back i found the reference for this and again looked it up in the library.

Culture and society1780-1950 by Raymond Williams– The passage i read about in this was about the way culture and society can be effected by the way of live and consequence, ethic moral and social judgements and closely interrelated, the next reference i went looking for was;

The gothic revival; and essay in the history of taste by kenneth clark however this book wasn’t available but i found a similar book called

Gothic sculpture-freeden the acanthus history of sculpture– this talks about how gothic sculpture and the revile was hugely reflected by the social and cultural world at the time. The most important element in social thinking which developed from the work of pugin was the use of the art of a period to judge the quality of the society that was producing it.


This task really has shown me how I could take my research project from being quiet a small project and use  sources from sources I’m already using i can create a better understanding of what I’m reading and also come across other interesting things that i might not of thought about bringing into my research project and adding depth to the topic.


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