week 2 The medium is the massage by marshall mcLuhan

October 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

At first i found this text incredibly hard going to read and understand and at some points i got lost with what he was trying to stay and his point became unclear, but after a second reading of the text and highlighting certain point in the text in becomes slightly clearer as to what he was trying to communicate.

I understand that everything has some sort of narrative, like Marshall takes about the electic light, the light is there as a mean to loads of other narratives for example without the electic light we could not work at night everything would come to a stop, without the electic light The narrative of everything we do and live our lives in and around the light would stop and so the electic light becomes a medium, not that we always notice that it plays a role in a narrative though. Futher on in the text Marshall says “The electic light escapes attention as a communication medium just because it has no context” rather we don’t think or notice that it has a context in our ways of communication or narrative. I like the short passage when he says “For it is not till the electic light is used to spell out some brand name that is it noticed as a medium” when until light is used as something involved in our communication then it becomes a medium and we take notice of the electic light.



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