creative workshop 2: Alienated sensory mashup

October 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

working in pairs we each choose to for the purpose of the task to look one of our senses either eyes or ears and in place of these using recording equipment or photography equipment to take a journey though different environments.

In my pair we thought it would be interesting to take a journey though the old Coventry into the new Coventry to compare the sounds, it was quiet a cold day and was becoming dark, people were leaving to go home from work or getting some last of their shopping done.

I was the eyes to our pair, photographing the journey without any hearing, at first i found it really hard to take photos because i could image what everything sounds like normally with normally being able to hear, but as the journey went on i found it difficult to stop and take pictures, i couldn’t hear if i was in the way of other people, i wasn’t attracted by sound to take a quick snap shot of something happening. The more the journey went on the more i looked at signs or rather looked up at buildings or looked at the ground, i couldn’t hear what people were saying and i didn’t even notice people as much, i became a lot more aware of my surroundings, the buildings and the details, the ways things are lit and bouncing sun light of windows would catch my eye rather that a loud noise catching my attention

these are the photos that i took, as you can see in most of the photos there are hardly any people in my photos, i didn’t intend to do that but when looking back i noticed it.


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