creative task 1 and copyright

October 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

i was asked to put together a collection of other photographers works that inspire me with a running theme and edit them into a collection as if they were to be put into a magazine edit, this was my edit that i made with various photographers work;

After putting together my inspirational piece of different photographers work asked about copyright, if we were to upload the different photographers works online or even on my blog would it be breaking copyright laws? even though im using their work for educational reasons and inspiration I’m clearly not trying to pose as the photographer or take credit for their work it become a difficult grey area, this started me thinking about my own work and how i release it into the world, is my work protected and how would i feel about people using my work uncopyrighted.

Even now when i upload various different pictures i have taken onto my blog, i havent thought about if i should copyright them and how if i don’t they could be used.

This also touched up on my current research project (Is social media threatening tabloid photojournalism?) were news coming in and out of countries at war, photos taken from the public on personal cameras and then the photos being used for journalism, photos taken from twitter and other social networking sites can be used to form our news stories and be published in newspapers but it’s also a difficult grey area because first the owners of the photos uploaded onto the social network must be asked for permission of copyright, but with links being retweeted it’s very hard to be sure that your asking for copyright permission from the primary souse.


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