creative workshop 2 part 2 Alienated senses ‘mash-up’

October 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

After recorded sounds on our journey and taking photos we then joined the two together to create a photofilm showing the journey we took though the city centre and condensing everything we had recorded into a short video and this was what we produced;

journey from Danielle noble on Vimeo.

after watching our multimedia piece back, it creates a really sensory and enjoyable experience, it allows you to feel what the atmosphere in the places the images were taken and it adds depth to what would normally be quiet dull silenced photos, it allows the photos to tell a story of a place and I time and what was going on around, it’s almost like anyone could have been in those places taking the photos, when you here the sounds around you anyone can relate to them and they become involved in the images they see.

When editing the videos and pictures together it’s quiet hard to work out what sounds i wanted playing were until i heared them together, i didn’t know if they were going to work.


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