creative workshop 3- unphotographable Phiction(sic) task

October 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

For the third creative workshop take I have been given a list to choose from of Micheal David Murphy’s ” unphotographable” posts and i am to pick one and create a multimedia mash-up similar to the one we did in the last task to create image and sound to the text narration, for my mash-up i have chosen to do the following narration;

This is a picture I did not take of a woman with a baby in her arms and a burping towel on her shoulder, walking up to the side of a vacant, foreclosed home in the middle of a neighborhood hit hard by mortgage fraud, looking up and down the street before turning-on the outdoor spigot at the corner of the house to take a drink with a cupped hand, and then, after wetting the towel, she began to carefully wash her newborn’s feet.- Michael David Murphy

In my head I have imagined this scene and tried to picture how it would look and what sort of sounds would be going on and around this narration, for example if it’s outdoors there will be the normal sounds like cars, birds and wind. Then there are the sounds for the narration text, a baby so throughout the sound recording there will be a baby making noises, an outdoor tap so that would be sounds like the tap squeaking on and water running, the mother walking down the side of the house so there’s stepping on gravel. These are all different sounds i will have to think about and work out if they are constant sounds or short quick sounds.

I’m going to be using a recording device to record all the different sounds i need, so every sound used to be sounds i’ve collected and now pre recorded sounds from the interenet, i also need to take photos to go along with my audio so i will be using a colletion of images to try and tie the two together, that i will take while recording different parts of my narration.

i’ve also thought about wether i want someone to be reading the narration over the top of all the other audio but i think this would take away from the mash up and people would rely on it to tell the story too much when i would rather try and use sounds and images to tell the whole story. Baby crying -Unphotographable Phiction by user5696907



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