Final task

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For my final task I have decided to put together a transformative piece about teaching, since this is the profession that I am look at going into I thought this would be of most interest to me.

I am currently working at a school to gain experience and so I had an open source in which I could use to put together my transformative piece.

I decided it would be really effective to photograph classrooms empty so that when viewing my piece the focus it more on the audio yet it can apply to the images and add depth creating a narrative and also an interesting contrast. I recorded the sound from a class room as I wanted to have background noise to my piece to give a sense of being in a classroom and tieing it to the actually subject more, I think that it’s really affective and works well to build an overall image. One problem with it after listen back is there is a slight humming noise to it that run throughout because of the air conditioning, which I would change. For my second bit of audio I then interviewed one of the member of art staff about her job, unfortunalty after listerning to it back you could hear the air conditioning over her talking to i had to re-record the interview. This is the final peice;


Creative Workshop 4 : “Spoken narrative”

December 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

for this task i struggled to think what story i could tell that would interest the audiance and i wanted to tell a story that flowed and they would understand. This is the story that i decided to tell;

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