Technology Advances in Journalism

February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

While looking over this project and conducting research i have also become aware of the advances in technology that is and has already had an effect of photojournalism, take for example auto focus, slr cameras becoming cheaper, even the digital camera in general, all these factors has effected and changed how photo journalism works and is used today.

“Journalism has been going through several major technological changes during the past few decades. The pace of these changes is quickening now, altering the practice of the profession as never before. These changes, which encompass a wide range of activities from news gathering to dissemination, are bringing many benefits. At the same time, the profession faces some negative impacts too” Roy Mathew, Special Correspondent, The Hindu, Thiruvananthapuram 695008, Kerala, India

When reading thought Roy Mathews piece on technology advances in journalism it has become clear that it is not just social media that is threatening journalism as a profession but there are so many other elements, for example printing methods, the camera,a journalists tools of the trade, the way we transport our news into stories for the world and also how the masses gather now to get the story, not forgetting the internet it’s self. I have found when conducting my research for this project that the more up to date pieces of text are a lot more useful because technology has already advanced and is advancing so quickly that a piece of text written last year on journalism has already because dated because it is such a fast-moving and developing profession.


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