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February 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

After flicking thought the world press photo 2011 book it’s clear the difference between the photos from social media taken from camera phones or point and shoot cameras to the quality of actually photo journalists work, even with the price of better quality camera always dropping, the photos in the book are so thought-provoking and have such power and meaning and show emotion  something that I find always missing from the social media image. I was surprised in this years book that i found images taken and used for google earth being used a reportage, a lot of the images i remember and have seen before in magazines and websites, these images are the ones that last, they stand time and tell a story, yet i can’t remember any of the images submitted from social media sites, that is because they can’t stand the test of time, we won;t remember and don’t want to remember an event by looking at a grainy out of focus image, we want to come back to the amazing sharp and inspiring images of an event.


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