Daniel Morels legal fight

February 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

Photographer Daniel Morel started a legal fight against Agence France Presse, Getty Images and other parties such as CBS, CNN and ABC, for using without authorisationof his Haiti earthquake images. Within hours of the photographs being taken and Daniel morel uploading them onto his tweeter feed they appeared on front pages of hundreds of newspapers worldwide. When taken to court Morel’s action led to criticism from Visa Pour l’Image’s director Jean-François Leroy, who said “ by uploading his images on the internet he was exposing himself to theft” . Judge Pauley wrote in the court order” by posting photos on the internet, Morel wanted to break the news of the earthquake, retain his copyrights, and receive credit and compensation for licensing his photos” judge Pauley also pointed out “numerous American and foreign news outlets emailed Morel and posted on Twitpic asking to purchase his photos for publication”

Daniel morels iconic images have now gone on to win first prize in the spot news stories catergory and second prize in the spot news singles.

This is just one case of news organisation’s getting on the wrong site of copyright and the issues that come with social media, but I still think that social media now is and always be a huge part in how we receive the news though images.

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