Social media saves serious photojournalism

February 8, 2012 § Leave a comment

so I’ve been looking at how social media is threatening photo journalism but can social media possibly be able to save it, when i first saw this i hadnt  thought of it this way around by i can now see how it could save photo journalist in a way.

Social media now means that a photo journalist can have more ownership over their images, when before their photos would be used in newspapers and on websites and the reader and the photographer would never really have any connection it would just be an image to support an article, but now with social media and the internet photojournalists can come into their own.

A lot of photojournalists now have their own websites, twitter accounts and have followers of their websites, now the readers can follow photo journalists and can view their works online, they can find out what that photojournalist is doing and where in the world they are, i think this has given the photojournalist more of an appreciation of their work.

Social media saves serious photojournalism

By Adriaan Monshouwer

Traditionally a photojournalist sold his story to a magazine who packaged the story with lighter, more populair material and lot’s of advertising and sold it on the newsstand or to subscribers.

As a result the photographer’s work was always part of another product, another brand. And photographers had no saying about the context of their story. In the printed world of newspapers and magazines there was no direct contact between photographer and reader.

The photographer has always been a contributor, next to other contributing photographers, writers, illustrators, columnists and advertisers. You never quite knew who saw your pictures and what they thought about it. The reader had a relationship with the magazine or newspaper and not with you, the photographer.

from indirect to direct journalism

In social media this is fundamentally different for any journalist. Even when you choose to publish your work on an aggregated platform alongside other stories, the reader can comment, like and forward to a friend. And you can read his opinion and get back to him. You can start building a real rapport with the people that appreciate your work.

You can take this even a step further when you publish the work on your own website. Here you have complete control over the context, over the package. Nowyou can invite other contributors. And you can interact and engage with yourreaders.

Social media gives you a chance to promote a social issue, built a community with people who equally care, that want to be part of ‘it’, that share your ideas and ideals.

Social media offer interaction, engagement, participation, and action. It takes communication to the next level.

The mission and ambitions of any serious journalist find an almost natural alley in social media as it gives you real two-ways communication, together with total freedom and independence. 

As always, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, please share your experiences,  trials, errors and successes using social media.



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