idea for my FMP project, part2

April 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

After thinking over the idea i had my attention was turned towards how we physically reflect on memory’s, and how we have some memory’s that we rather forget and some that we want to hold onto for ever, we have memory’s of people and memory’s of places. This thought track then led me to the flowers left for people who have died, for years we have left flowers in memory of people we lose it’s one of the strongest traditions that we still uphold today thought-out all cultures, and even today we don’t just leave flowers but create shrines of all the memory’s with that person, and the flowers are not just left at grave, when the death or accident happens at a location, that location can then be covered in flowers and messages for example road signs, outside houses of loved ones and at shootings, we leave flowers everywhere to honor and remember that person and the memory’s of them.

This led me on to thinking about my memory’s everyone takes photos of the things we would like to remember but sometimes there’s the memory’s of things that couldn’t be photographed yet i can clearly recall and see it in my head, i think these are the things that shape us and build us into who we are as a person, we don’t forget the things we want to hang onto the good times and the bad times almost as a story of our lives.

so i had the idea of creating an almost self portrait of my self by leaving flowers at all the places i hold memory’s , marking the events that i can recall in all the different areas around the city that i lived in Coventry, like the death of someone my Memory’s will be recalled and i think it will be really interesting revisiting all the places that i hold memory’s and laying flowers down, at times the flowers may look out-of-place and sometimes the flowers will blend into the location, but when people look at the photo they will see a location with flowers left to take someone or something happening but when i look into my photos i will see memory’s of things that happened, people i knew and how i felt then and who i was.


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