starting idea for my FMP project, part 1

April 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

my project came out when looking though old work and working out what project i had just left and that could have been continued to produce something much more. this is when i came across the project i did in the summer before starting university, the project to make a visual diary of my day-to-day, and for this project to take picture of the activity after it had happened , so more like the aftermath of something. I took pictures of human evidence marks and dirt left from everyday tasks wear and tear of walls, and it created a much bigger pictures of everyday documentation that i think it would taking the pictures of the people actually doing the activity.


After looking at this project i wanted to develop it further, i wanted to keep the theme of a visual diary something you can look back at and reflect apon, this then lead me onto thinking about memory and how our memory’s are precious and we take photos and write diary about event to keep from forgetting about them and loosing these things that we hold so valuable. so i decided to think about how i could represent memory’s in my pictures but in an almost mundane and unobvious way, how could i rebuild a memory into a photo?


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