Amira Fritz

April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

This was one of the bigger influences on my work, i loved the huge bouquets of flowers held over different body’s, the mystery of not knowing that person, yet having the location and the clothing to still try to read the image. I love how the bright colours stand out from the wood backgrounds and yet i feel like each of the different colours of the flowers for each person has been specially picked. I also love the composition of these images, most have the subject dead center but a few of completely different i really like the variation. I feel that not only do the flowers look out-of-place but the people also do, the way some are dress does not connect to the location.

with my work i hope that sometimes the flowers do look out-of-place, or at least viewers question what happened in certain locations for flowers to be there, because when we see flowers we always assume that someone must have died there or an accident happened, so for me to place flowers in say a shopping center instantly the image would be come confusing and out of the ordinary. I also think that it is important for my to think about colours of the flowers i use in my images depending on the locations i shoot them in.


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