Ori gersht

April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

this is a series of large scale photos by Ori gersht, exploding florals arrangements.Hes work is a reflection upon 19th centary still life paintings by Henri fantin-latour.

when i fist started the project i started looking at flowers as more of an object in the locations, i photographers flowers leaft by road sides and by graves and started playing around with them removing the flowers from the background and taking them out of context creating amost contempary images of just the flowers against a black back ground.

yet in these images i felt they lacked the emotion that they had had when they were in the scene, i had thought about how i could cleverly title each bunch of flowers to surgets where they came from, but ooking at the few i produced they just didn’t look as interesting a picture has i had hoped.

I really liked the colours from Ori gershts images and this i managed to achieve in my images but, he images have much more beauty and emtion from the fact they are being blown up rather than make that are still images.

From his images though i looked at how he has or the florist has selected colours of flowers for each shoot so that when the flowers explode the colours of petals mix well and i feel that each image has a slightly different tone of emtion too it and i aim to take this away when shooting my flowers, always keeping in mind the location im shooting in and the colours of the flowers i want them to stand out in each location.


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