Presentation of FMP

April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve been putting some thought into how i would like to present my images once i have the collection together, i felt that this project based on my memeorys had to be different to just nornal printing on photo paper and framing, it didn’t feel right that a memeory so untangable be printed onto card and trapped in a frame and become so controlled, i looked into different way that i could display my images and one of those way was to print onto silk, silk is a much softer surface and it gives the image a soft appearance, the silk is still able to move and bend and the image become more free i really liked this idea.

i looked at a project by Fanny schlichter she printed her images onto white silk and then folded the silk or hung the silk did different things too it before displaying it pinned up of the walls in different ways. One image in particual stood out too me was the image of wasteland, the colours in the image around really stonge and bold and then on the silk she has choosen to give the image a huge frame on the silk i think it looks hugely effective.

i still have yet to think of how i would display the silk images on the wall in the gallery place, fanny by the looks of her images has just pinned the silk to the wall but i feel i want to show about 10 of my images and this will look too untidy, where as maybe 3 would look right pinned up.


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