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April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is the idea that i had first proposed to do, i had aimed to photograph flowers that i found let for people by road sides which is really where the whole idea for the project started, i became interested in how, why and where people left these flowers, occasionally they would pop up in all sorts of locations. after photographing a few i wanted to removing the background from the flowers and produce contemporary images of the flowers .

after seeing the outcome i knew this wasn’t the direction i wanted to head in, the images just looks boring and dull, there was nothing too them and so i decided to step away from photographing the flowers left and look at more why they were left, the places they were left in, and the impact of the area they are placed in. This lead to my current project proposal of memory and rather the leaving the flowers for people i decided it might be interesting to leave flowers for different points in time that i hold memory’s for. I think a location has a lot to do with memory’s when i visit a place i have been before i associate the place with the emotions i felt back then, sometimes painful and sometimes happy but all the same they are all important aspects of my path as a person and becoming the person i am today.


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