Annie Collinge

April 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

This was a piece of work that my tutor Harry Hardie showed me when we were first discussing my idea around the contemporary pieces i did intend to do. i still really like the use of the flower pattern on fabric and this has encouraged me to even more want to print onto material, but Annie Collinges images have made me think more about what i would like to do with the images on material and also the size i print these images too. This was also a discussion as to whether i would reveal why each location is special and what the memory is in each photo. I have also been thinking about this and I have decided i don’t want to reveal the whole memory but produce a title or a quote from each memory to attach to each photo so that people could imagen a scene in the location for themselves. Again i have yet to decided whether i will hand write these titles/quotes onto the material themselves of for example one suggestion was to use the little message cards you get with the flowers, and to write it in those. I plan to get some test samples of my images printed onto material soon so that i can  see the quality and also the different textures i get when using different materials to print on.


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