David spero – churches

April 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

When having a tutorial with my tutor Harry Hardie he directed me to a photographer called David Spero and his project called churches in which he journeyed around looking for old churches which still are or having now become something else, each of his images are of the building of the church but in some images you would never guess that it was a church.Each phot is takes far back as to get the entire building in shot, Harry suggested that i do the same and rather than focusing so much on the flowers in the photo step back much further and take photos of the buildings almost, trying to attract the viewer’s attention, so that the image seems to be about the building or the landscape rather than the flowers left in the scene. I think this was where i was going wrong when i reflect back on the images i have so far, i still am really close  to the flowers and i almost without realising make the flowers the main focus in each image so i need to look more at the backdrop and surrounds that i am photographing it.

One other think that i noticed when looking at David Spero’s images they all work together and when looks into why they all work together even though they are off lots of different locations is the colour of  the images and also the sky, i think the colour of the sky plays a huge roll in the photos, my photos skies are bright blue others are white or grey and i think this really stands out when viewing them all together, when looking at Davids images though all the skies match up to be the grey/ white colour and that way the sky is less of an attraction.

so i need to plan when i take my images i have to pick days when the weather is dull and constant, i will try the for my new few shoots and see how they compair to the shoots i have already produced.


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