Emil Kozak

April 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Again Emil Kozaks work is similar to the work by Miranda Lichtenstein and Michael Vahrenwald with the way she uses light and darkness to frame her images, when reading into these photos she says that she goes on walks at night with just a torch for light to see where she is going and camera. she doesn’t pay attention to the direction she heads in but when she feels she can walk no further out for fear she takes a photo then turns round and walks back. i think it’s really interesting to see the point in which she was scared and what in her eye made her unable to walk any further, the images themselves with just the torch-light to light up certain points for focus make the images appear scary and have a kind of spooky vibe about them in the way they are sometimes misty or photos of crosses or the moon. I was still thinking about photographing my flowers at night in locations but reflecting back on these images i think the flowers would lose connection to the location there in, and i fear the my memory’s would also not be fully connected to these images. I could see where photographing some of the flowers at night-time would work for a few of the shots because some of the memory’s are at night but I’m just thinking about how the whole collection would come together with light and dark images and I’m not convinced it would work.



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