First image tester

April 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

This was one of my first images, taken in a park car park on a sunny, i decided to place the flowers in my friend’s car window for this memory. i decided to take a really wide shot of the car park with all the cars and also facing the light to get the glare on the camera lens which i  intended to do as part of the memory. I think at first the photo isn’t the most hugely over interesting photo takes, the way the light is hitting all the cars and the long shadows makes the image look calm and relaxing and the flowers i place in the photo aren’t over powers at all with is what i had hoped to achieve because i would rather the viewer question the location first before then looking more closely for something, an answer and then coming across the flowers, and when put with the whole collection it become a running theme. I think the photos will very much work only as a collection of images, alone the image may seem weak but all together it works as one piece.

Also well as reflection on the image i also starting thinking about editing my image, i have seen in other works of photographers they over expose the image to produce an almost white haze on the image, as i think this would work well not just as reflecting it as a memory but also we putting it into fabric, on white fabric the image would seem to be fading into the material.


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