Hanging my silk prints

April 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve been thinking more about how i would hang my material prints and also about the size of the prints. i think it would be nice to print each image pretty big almost a 1.5mx 1.5m if it is possible, when visiting ikea the home furniture shop i was looking in the pictures and canvas part and i really like the huge canvas they have and how up close you don’t see as much but when you step back they look really good, i also noticed they was the display the large canvases in the shop was by a sliding mechanism hung from the ceil and you can scroll each image across as you look at the different images, this would properly be over the top for my images and would take up too much space in the gallery space, and  would cost lots also but i have been thinking of other solutions that i could do. I have come up with the idea of having my material prints made into curtains or showers curtains something along those lines and having all my printing on one pole connected to the wall and viewers can simply pull across each image they wish to look at just like closing a curtain, so only one image would be able to view at one time and they would properly have to stand back to look at each image and i don’t know how well that would work.

One of my other ideas was to get the images printed smaller a more common A2 size print on material and hang each print in almost the time way using wire and metal clips which i think  look modern and sleek and would not detract from the images themselves


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