Unknown inspiration images

April 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

These are just images that ive gathered that been some part of inspiration to me on this project, i particularly like the ones of the garden centres and the gardening, i really like the bright white light in the images and the rows and rows of flowers.

image number 2 and 9 and also ways i have thought about producing and printing my images, number 2 shows flowers just showing though the smoke/fog i think this would be quite a nice idea for playing on memory’s the misty location being not quite clear enough to see the full location almost like a memory is, but there are also downfalls for this idea, being able to use a smoke machine in the locations i want to shoot in is not ideal and it would be hard to control the smoke and how much it covered and whether it spread out covering everything or hiding the flowers in the location.

number 9 images is of a print being have sharply printed then the next half of the print while the ink is still wet the ink is moved around and the image destroyed i really like the ascetics of the image blurring into just ink.




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