Eric Tabuchi

May 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

eric tabuchi  photographer based in Paris who’s been exploring the French landscape for over a decadeHe’s work is filled with varied objects filling the roadside environment.This is also how my project started, when i kept coming across roadside flowers left and it would really capture my imagination, i want’s to know what happened or who it was that was killed ect. what really stood out to me is the flowers because they stand out so much from the normal everyday scenery and that change the way we view the area they are left it.

For my work when i left the flowers i take pictures of them but then  i leave them in the area too, i really like the thought of people coming across them in something unusual locations . i also really like the performance of the whole piece, where each photo seems real like i have come across the flowers but then ever single image has be constructed and choosen right down to the weather, flowers, location the whole thing becomes a performance and without doing this i would no of visited some of the place that i hold memories of . the act of laying the flowers is the same as anyone placing flowers by the road sides for a loved one that died but instead my are for memories and memories also die out, we have no real way of storing  memories apart from a photograph maybe but that is only a snap shot.

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