feedback from tutors review

May 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

So a few issues were brought up with my work including how i would go about titling each image how to tie together the image with each memory because currently when anyone looks at my images they just see flowers in a location and there is nothing there to even hint that this is a memories, i did kind of like that no one else would know it was my personal memories because that’s how it is when you come across flowers on a road side and you don’t know why there are there but at the same time i do understand that there needs to be something so suggest that there is more to these locations. so i will be carefully thinking about how i will title each images and i will date them for the date the memories happened on as well as putting something to do with what happened in that location that doesn’t suggest death because i don’t want people to see all the locations and just thing the flowers are all the for the death of someone.

The other thing that was raised was printing my images onto silk and size A3 , there was some worry that because the prints are quiet small the flowers would not always stand out in all the images and that printing onto silk would not work because of how it would be viewed. so i went away to think about this and will report back!



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