Mess up of the silk printing

May 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

I had decided to use the fashion department at Coventry to print my images so i sent my images off to be printing along with buying enough silk to print the images on after the transfer and i have clarified that i wanted the images printed A3 in person and via email, when i went back to collect my transfers to get them put onto material they had been printing full size so each image was printed 5m long and it was demanded that i pay for them before the rectified the problem and they would print them to A3 and so i refused to pay because in a normal industry situation i would not expect to be billed for something i didn’t ask for and a mistake that someone else made. so i decided to cut my loss from working with the department because i felt that they just didn’t want to help me and didn’t have time for me.

so instead i have now decided to go with printing my images onto paper and framing- this does mean that because I’m framing etc i won’t be able to show as many images as i had hoped but the way that i can frame my images will help to draw focus into the image so that the flowers can all be seen because all the photos can be looked at together and i can include titles for each image inside the frames because we are not allowed to stick anything to the walls of the gallery.

I’ve found the frames that im going to use from ikea and i have decided to only show six of my images


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