My final images

May 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

This is one location that i choose, i really liked the tones  and the light in this image i really like how one side of the image is really light and it fades into darkness the other side. This is properly the most grimy and rough looking image out of all of my images. I left the flowers behind the metal fence because it’s not as much in sight but it can still be seen because i chose really bright orange flowers. This location has lots of memory’s for me, this is the back of a club where me and my friends used to go before we turned 18 and we could never get in so we would go around the back and we would know the bouncer that watched the exit and he would always let us in, i think this is one of the places that we we were younger we were finding out who we were as people and it was our real first time taste of freedom and making our own choices, i remember clearly a number of conversations that took part outside the back here.

Most people looking at this image will just see the back of somewhere and see it for what it really is and the club that was there isnt open anymore and outside the back there used to be benches to sit on, but anyone that knows me or when there will reconise this location for what it was.


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