May 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

looking back from the start of my project to the outcome i have now it has changed so much, and it just goes to show how much a project can evolve. My project started out looking at thinking at things in our everyday surroundings that go unnoticed and photograph them in a way that gives them a whole new level of importance, i also reflected on my project that i had done for a summer task looking at human evidence left behind and building together a story, so no looking at my final outcome using flowers you can still see some of my first ideas thought the project, the flowers being left the human evidence and also the flowers give a whole new level of presence to a location because of what we connect with flowers being left in locations.

The project hasn’t finished because there are still many more location that i could visit but for this project and the time constraints meant that i only concentrated on locations in my home town, but if i was the carry on the project i could leave flowers all over the UK in location mapping out most of the place and things Ive done in my life as well as marking certain events in my future so the project will be never ending. I’ve also been thinking about other directions that i could take this project too like marking out other peoples lives using flowers.

I feel like i really stuck to my timetable that i sent out for my self , the project has been slightly difficult because it is a location project and no just one but many so always hoping the weather is right and planning which locations im going to each day as well and always having to buy new flowers for each shoot i do.

The only part of my planning that did fall though was the printing but because i put my printing in so early i was lucky and i still had time to get my work printed onto paper and to get frames for all of my works. i would of really of loved to still get my work printed onto silk because i want to see my work in the form i intended it to be seen in. I’m also thinking about once i have a enough pictures of different location i would want to put a book together of my work.

If i had done anything different for my shoots i would of maybe used some lighting to light the flowers slightly more but I’m still undecided on that because i still think that it works well not always being able to see the flowers until you look closely.

I’m now really excited to see my work up in a gallery and seeing all my images in the frames.



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