Ryan Mcginley

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Ryan Mcginleys would is what inspired my final shoot as i have already mentioned earlier back in my blog but i just came across video footage of his shoot and thought i would share it.


also i came across one of his more recent shoots that was recorded that looks like he’s taking his work to even higher levels and and really pushing boundarys.


magzine layout of shoot

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in my last post i was talking about how i had imaged my images to be a shoot used for a fashion magazine and so i decided to experiment with this idea on how the would look as pages in a magazine, and today discussed with peers at how i could go about pairing them up. There was the idea of using the sky as a way to document the images as you turn the pages the sky starts to lighten up and the finishing image being the on with really blue sky, i think this would be a nice idea since i have titled the fashion shoot ‘feather light’ and i wanted it to be a shoot looking a fashion going into summer so to have a shoot that slowly gets closer and closer looking to summer weather would be nice.There was also a comment made by one of my peers that the images made her feel happy and enjoyed looking at the images and this is want i would want to communicate across when doing a spring summer shoot, it was nice that my images was associated with the same feeling of summer weather and the feeling of happiness. I really like this idea of documenting the sky getting sunnier thought out the shoot and so this is how the pages will go as following;

I will also be posting all of my final images onto Flickr as a online gallery the link below will take you there;

Picturing the body flickr gallery

Thinking about the end result

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unfortunately there just hasn’t been enough time to get my other shoot i had planned done in time for the hand date but i still will be going ahead with the shoot after the project is handed in because i have been thinking about this shoot for weekend now, but i think the reason that i haven’t got it done is because i still feel like i need to do some more work leading up to this idea for the results to be what i imaged. However i am happy with my shoot 1 for the final images, im really happy with the way that they came out and are what i expected and more. Now the hand in date is getting close i am sending off the images to be printed, some of my final images i have cut out of the final because they are a set and when viewed together i want them too all work well and flow one to the next. I have ordered the prints to be A3 as i don’t think is necessary to go any bigger with the images, they clear and simple, i think they would work well bigger but for their purpose i think A3 is big enough.

I am still to think about the order in which they will be viewed and in the context that is the physical and virtual environments of my images. All along when planning and organising and visualizing this shoot i have been imagining them viewed as a spread in a fashion magazine and so i am going to cheaply print them all off onto A4 and arrange them as i would want them viewed in a magazine, as well as thinking of a title to go with the first image in the series. For my virtual environment for the images i have just recently opened a Flickr account and have started uploading my best work onto Flickr so i will be uploading them onto there, so that people can view the images online and comment and discuss them.


Picturing the body shoot 1

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Last time i talking about  this shoot and the set up, i had planned to do it over the weekend but because of it being weather dependent i had to postpone it, likely a good day did arrive and i was able to be the shoot, lighting wasn’t brilliant but there were sunny spells so for each image the lighting is slightly different and the back drop for each image is either a really mean looking dark cloudy sky or love blue sunny sky and i think this gives this shoot a variety of colours. before i go into how to shoot went and how i would like to present this body of work these are my final images;

i really like this shoot and i think it worked really well with the lighting, i do realise that some of the images are stronger than other but i do plan to cut the number of images down if i am to use this shoot and my final images, i am still to do my studio shoot, but i feel because of the lack of time available i may have to use these as my final images and post the other shoot and a blog. I do plan to get these printed quite large because i want them to make quite an impact and also to be able to see the models face and body clearly because i think that some of the pose are so strong and the way the different pieces of clothing wrap around her body and cling as she falls is beautiful and the small images don’t really do the images justice. Ideally i would like to get nearly all of these images printed because i tink the compliment each other so well.

task 3- nude vs naked part 2

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only just around to getting the second part of this task finished, i’ve been thinking about this one for a while now and how i could photograph myself nude but by putting my own style into the photos, i didn’t just want to do close up snap shots of parts of my body and i had thought about producing more scanned images that i had done for the last term but then i came up with the idea of almost playing hid and seek with the camera by placing myself in position for example the door half open or just a glimps of my body it would be like the onlookers view as if not quite about to see the full image.

these are just some of the images that i think worked best;

task 3-nude and naked

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for task 3 we were asked to consider how we would photograph nude subjects, so also reflecting on task 1 intimate vs private, how a photo that is just nude photo and then become something more the depth and emotion show in the images, making them suggestive or slightly hidden. we were asked to take two sets of photos, one set of our self nude and also someone close to us. when thinking about what i was going to  do for this task i reflected on the Paul Wright trip to his studio and how were asked to draw the naked body, how the images we draw to don’t always reflect the body and show an exact copy of what we are seeing but rather small glimpse of the body, the movements and so i started considering how i would go about taking these images.I thought about using a slow exposure to just capture the movement of the body, but i didn’t think they would show i had thought about the lighting and also showing the intimate vs private aspect of the images too. so i decided to experiment with some different way of photographing the nude body. These are the outcomes of my photos;













juergen teller

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juergen teller is a german fashion photographer thats works closely with Kate moss,Vivienne Westwood and vogue, his work is usually experimental and nude alongside fashion. One shoot in particular that i like is the shoot he did for Dazed and Confused magazine with Kate moss 1997, i really like the way he’s stood over her to photograph her and in nearly all the shot it features his shoes or hands.

This has opened my eyes to different ways i can photograph the body, his works also consists of shoot where he cuts parts of the body out of the shot and positions the model in a way with looks unusual, similar to Bill Durgins work called portraits and incidentals here are a few of Bill Durgins works;

They both use a interesting way to photograph the body and like i experimented with the clothed body there are a number of ways in which you can photograph the subject and that works well within fashion photography, just to show the similar style of cropping half the subject out of frame ect here are some more images of Juergen tellers works;












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