Final task

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For my final task I have decided to put together a transformative piece about teaching, since this is the profession that I am look at going into I thought this would be of most interest to me.

I am currently working at a school to gain experience and so I had an open source in which I could use to put together my transformative piece.

I decided it would be really effective to photograph classrooms empty so that when viewing my piece the focus it more on the audio yet it can apply to the images and add depth creating a narrative and also an interesting contrast. I recorded the sound from a class room as I wanted to have background noise to my piece to give a sense of being in a classroom and tieing it to the actually subject more, I think that it’s really affective and works well to build an overall image. One problem with it after listen back is there is a slight humming noise to it that run throughout because of the air conditioning, which I would change. For my second bit of audio I then interviewed one of the member of art staff about her job, unfortunalty after listerning to it back you could hear the air conditioning over her talking to i had to re-record the interview. This is the final peice;


Creative Workshop 4 : “Spoken narrative”

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for this task i struggled to think what story i could tell that would interest the audiance and i wanted to tell a story that flowed and they would understand. This is the story that i decided to tell;

Creative Workshop 5: Transformative storytelling

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For This task i decided to use some old slides that my dad had been storing in my room with a projector, since i had never seen them i thought it would be good to look though them but also found out abit more about my Dad.

I recorded to soundscape of my dad talking about the different people and places in the photos and telling short storys while also recording the fan noise of the projector and the clicking of each slide moving thought the machine.

creative workshop 3- unphotographable Phiction(sic) task

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For the third creative workshop take I have been given a list to choose from of Micheal David Murphy’s ” unphotographable” posts and i am to pick one and create a multimedia mash-up similar to the one we did in the last task to create image and sound to the text narration, for my mash-up i have chosen to do the following narration;

This is a picture I did not take of a woman with a baby in her arms and a burping towel on her shoulder, walking up to the side of a vacant, foreclosed home in the middle of a neighborhood hit hard by mortgage fraud, looking up and down the street before turning-on the outdoor spigot at the corner of the house to take a drink with a cupped hand, and then, after wetting the towel, she began to carefully wash her newborn’s feet.- Michael David Murphy

In my head I have imagined this scene and tried to picture how it would look and what sort of sounds would be going on and around this narration, for example if it’s outdoors there will be the normal sounds like cars, birds and wind. Then there are the sounds for the narration text, a baby so throughout the sound recording there will be a baby making noises, an outdoor tap so that would be sounds like the tap squeaking on and water running, the mother walking down the side of the house so there’s stepping on gravel. These are all different sounds i will have to think about and work out if they are constant sounds or short quick sounds.

I’m going to be using a recording device to record all the different sounds i need, so every sound used to be sounds i’ve collected and now pre recorded sounds from the interenet, i also need to take photos to go along with my audio so i will be using a colletion of images to try and tie the two together, that i will take while recording different parts of my narration.

i’ve also thought about wether i want someone to be reading the narration over the top of all the other audio but i think this would take away from the mash up and people would rely on it to tell the story too much when i would rather try and use sounds and images to tell the whole story. Baby crying -Unphotographable Phiction by user5696907


Death of the author – Roland Barthes

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After reading Death of the author, it reminded me of the works of Travis Shaffer, The quote from Roland Barthes’ Thus the author cannot claim any absolute authority over his or her text because, in some ways, he or she did not write it‘  Roland talks of an author not being able to fully own their text since they did not create the language or the format they simple used societies idea of text, and unless the author way to create something totally new ‘by refusing to assign a ‘secret,’ an ultimate meaning, to the text’  be it a secret language then text would prehaps be fully their own, but then what would the purpose be if only the author could understand it? This reminds me of Travis Shaffer’s work in the way he uses photos from other sources in which he didn’t create himself but puts into his own context for example the google maps images he used in his series of work called mega churches, these were not his own photographs but why the way he choose to crop the and present them in such a way the work of google now becomes the views work.

Roland Barthes also questions whether the reader can then become the author, if the reader chooses to change the text around or simply read the text in a different way does it then become different and have a new meaning ? ‘the writer can only imitate a gesture that is always anterior, never original‘ so for example someone could now take Travis Sheffer work and compose it in a different way and then they would become the author of the work. I find this starts to question copyright at what point if there is one can a viewer or reader not take something and make it into their own, there will always be a way of changing the same thing into different views and meanings and i think this is way so many people find the issue of copyright such a difficult thing, for example our magazine edits of other photographers works, we turned them into our own but did we breach copyright?

Mike Lusmore of Duckrabbit

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Mike Lusmore from Duckrabbit came to Coventry university to talk to us about transformative storytelling and photofilms, using multimedia you can start to put together a story or narrative using lots of different componates to create a more vivid and realistic story than lets say just a series of photos could on there own, for example the video below that mike showed us at the start;


The video above really captures whats going on and tells a story is such a unique way that the viewer could have been there, it’s almost like you can feel the warm from the images and the spirit of the community together, you get to know the characters from the images better by the audio and you are taken on a journey following the images and sound.

Before starting on our own mash-ups using multimedia these are some of the tips that mike gave us;

we are all thieves, right?- travis shaffer

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After listening to Travis Shaffer’s lecture i found it hugely interesting that many bodies of his work uses images that he has not captured his self but how he calls them recycled from google maps or even using images that people have taken of them selves and uploaded onto Flickr. It is really interesting to think about the fact that now photographic equipment is quick easy and fast that everyone takes pictures, rather than experiencing an experience we now take a picture of the experience to recall it later on, i really liked him images of turning the camera around to then take pictures of the people taking pictures, it has become a way of human communication now, as Travis says technology has evolved and so has the camera and now we can just use an iPhone to take a quick image rather than using wet plates.

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