Note to self.

October 12, 2009 § Leave a comment

Over the space of this year there are a few things that i wish to achieve, learn and experience on my photography BA course.

First i would like to be able to have tuition and learn how to use a studio space and be able to experiment with different ideas and by the end of the year feel confident using the studio and getting the lighting and background right and creating the right setting for my work. i have never experienced any studio work as of yet and have mainly been working on outdoors work and still life subjects and i feel taking my ideas in the studio could take them to the next level.

I have already done some dark room work and learn a few different methods along the way but i would like to carry on developing my dark room work, i would like to produce some big prints in the dark room that i feel i could use in my portfolio because i am yet to have any in there.

By the end of the year i would like to of sold some of my work or be producing work for an outside cause, and ideally really start to get my work out into the work and become known, as well as that have a viewing of my work in a gallery space with others and invite outsiders to view the work.

I have already been doing some volunteering at my old 6 form within the art and photography department an in return they allow me my own working space and free use of the dark room so that the students can benefit from seeing how i work and i am soon to start helping and taking on an evening class for adults and i hope this can progress throughout the year as well as always reminding me of the basics as i start to work on more advanced projects.


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